La Cena Las Vegas: A Night To Remember

La Cena Las Vegas was a huge success

Presented by the NFL, Verizon, NGLmitú, and Equis, La Cena Las Vegas kicked off in celebration of the contributions of professionals across a variety of media fields, including sports, television, film, radio, and journalism. La Cena LV highlights the vivid talent, tenacity, and influence of Latin people who have improved the media landscape, dismantled obstacles, and opened doors for upcoming generations.

As a popular dinner series that takes place throughout several cities, La Cena Las Vegas aims to bring together artists, executives, talent, and community leaders. Their goal is to forge closer ties with this influential group and unleash their combined impact so that they may use their art, businesses, and advocacy to advance on a worldwide scale.

La Cena LV promotes a sense of solidarity and pride by coming together to pay tribute to these people, highlighting the significance of diversity, inclusion, and representation. Attendees expected to be inspired by tales of tenacity, ingenuity, and leadership that personify the spirit of greatness throughout the inspirational evening.

La Cena Las Vegas
La Cena

Verizon has a mission to maintain the connections between the community and their passions. As an NFL long-time partner, Verizon ran several commercials during Univision‘s Big Game broadcast of the Super Bowl. NGLmitú supported the company’s overarching goal of being a leader in the media and entertainment sector.

Equis, a group committed to increasing influence and power, also sponsored the unique La Cena Las Vegas event. Their sponsorship of this event is a testament to their dedication to showcasing Latin innovation and distinction in all fields and to strengthening the narrative about the contributions they make to business, society, and culture.

Aside from Vegas, La Cena has been hosted in several cities, including Los Angeles, Austin, New York, and Miami.

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