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Dictionary.com Adds Popular Term “Girl Dinner”

Dictionary.com Adds Popular Term “Girl Dinner”

What is Girl Dinner?

Internet culture has inspired Dictionary.com to add “Girl Dinner” as one of its many recent entries. The noun refers to an “attractively presented collection of snacks that involve little preparation, such as small quantities of cold cuts, cheese, fruit, cherry tomatoes, etc., deemed sufficient to constitute a meal for one.” Are you salivating yet?

Now how did the Girl Dinner term even come about? The reference originated on TikTok earlier last year in May. The creator used the term to explain her meal consisting of cheeses, bread, and fruit. The TikTok video gained traction and inspired many others to use #GirlDinner on their posts, showcasing their own mini meals.

So how do you make your own? Well if you find yourself nibbling around your fridge, you’re halfway there! Instead of digging around and taking bite after bite, you would portion and combine different tastes and textures and arrange it nicely on your plate. The proof is in the plating!


Dictionary.com also notes that the term is “usually applied to meals resembling what would commonly be considered to be a snack tray, snack platter, or small charcuterie board.” If you’re having trouble selecting what to eat, “bread, cheese slices, sliced cold meats, fruits, vegetables, chips, and popcorn” will be perfect additions. Even leftovers will suffice!

So there you have it, now you know what is Girl Dinner! Even though it may be a fun trend, many of those who experiment will find that it can lead to eating disorders. Please consult a nutritionist or visit the National Eating Disorders (NEDA) website at nationaleatingdisorders.org if a problem occurs.


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