Here’s Why The Oura Ring Is So Great

Yes, the Oura Ring can track sleep, steps, and your “cycle”

With all of the countless tech gadgets out on the market, we’ve got to say that the Oura Ring Generation 3 is one of the most practical for our female friends. With the increased amount of hype the gadget has gained with the newest model, it’s no surprise that even celebrities are wearing it!

Is it really possible for a ring to track all the necessities that come from a wrist band? In short, yes. With its integrated research-grade sensors, the Oura Ring is a complete health tracker that can monitor your activity, body temperature, sleep, recuperation, stress, and heart rate.

Rather than measuring the surface capillaries on our wrist, the ring uses red, infrared, and green light sensors to measure our arteries in the finger. Oura employs red/infrared light sensors to power SpO2 (oxygen saturation), green light sensors to track heart rate during the day and during exercise, and infrared PPG (photoplethysmography) to track our physiological data while we sleep.

The sensor then provides biometric data to give the wearer three scores which include readiness, sleep, and activity. These scores help dictate your readiness for the day, how well you slept, and how to balance activity with rest.

Oura Ring Generation 3
Oura Health

Your body temperature, activity level from the previous day, sleep, your HRV, and your lowest heart rate from the previous night are all used by Oura to determine your readiness score. A score of 85 is the highest possible, and anything above 70 is regarded as good. With lower scores suggesting rest and higher scores suggesting more of a challenge, the score is a useful tool to determine how much exercise you should take on.

The sleep tracker’s infrared PPG completes 50 cycles per second and can detect the slightest of movements during your sleep. It can also detect skin temperature and blood oxygen levels, and provides a hypnogram, which is a graph that sections your sleep into three stages: light, deep, and REM. On a scale of 0-100, a score over 85 means that your sleep is optimal. Between 74-84 means good, and under 70 means that it needs work.

Last but not least, the Oura Ring Generation 3’s activity tracker score helps the user balance exercise, inactivity, and rest. Anything below 70 indicates that your balance is off, while a score above 84 indicates that your activity balance is ideal.

With a battery life of a full week without having to recharge, the Oura Ring Generation 3 is such a pleasant piece of tech. We can’t wait for the Gen 4 release later this year!

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