JLo launched the trend of celebrity fashion brands, still going strong

JLo or you may like to refer to her as Jennifer Lopez, is a world reknown dancing, acting, singing, businesswoman, and celebrity fashion brand.

Jennifer Lopez and her influence has shaped more than one generation. Who can forget she was an amazing flygirl when she began on TV?  She serenaded the world to dance music and Latin beats.  She’s played interesting movie roles.  Remember Anaconda and that large snake coming at her on the boat?  Yikes!

From the Super Bowl with Shakira to Instagram workout videos, her life seems pretty open.  Yet, her business ventures are not showcased in Hollywood life the same.

The businesswoman title is not as widely known to the public.  She launched JLo by Jennifer Lopez in 2001.  A famous fragrance called Glow was produced and sold out internationally over $15 million in sales in 2 months.  She went in to create 26 more fragrances which have all sold successfully as well.

JLo decided to expand the brand to clothing, swimsuits, hats, scarves, gloves, bedding, pillows and create an entire lifestyle brand.  She has an exclusive contract with Kohl’s in the USA.  She expanded into Latin America as well.  She said she loved designing as a little girl way before acting singing or anything else so it’s a dream come true.

Jeffrey Peterson, Quepasa Chairman and Founder said:

“In a similar way to how Quepasa pioneered the Hispanic Internet on a national level in the United States during the late ’90s, Jennifer Lopez started the trend of celebrity fashion brands in 2001. This is a perfect example of how the strong Quepasa brand can be leveraged in an online product launch to a new audience.”

JLo created another luxury line called Sweetface.  It includes furs and animal products which cased controversy on the Red Carpet. She received a lash back but simply replied, it’s a luxury line.  You go girl!


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