Discover Color Sensational by Maybelline

Discover Color Sensational by Maybelline launched a red lipstick that I can wear in Zoom meetings AND when I want to level up my look for events.  The search for my perfect red lipstick is finally over.  Still no luck on my little black dress.

It’s not too orange or too blue.  It looks like a true red and beautifully compliments my skin tone. This line was curated to work with over 50 skin tone shades. It lasts several hours and moisturizes my lips. Surprisingly, I really love how gorgeous it looks on mine.  I bought the satin red for me.

The extra bonus is affordability.  I have paid more for luxury brands which did not look as great as this on me.  It is so affordable that I’m going back to get the other colors.

Our Favorite Discover Color Sensational Made For All Shades

Discover Color Sensational Nude

Perfect for when hitting the beach or the gym.  For daytime work, it would look great with smoky eyes.  This is a basic foundation lipstick to have on hand.

Discover Color Sensational Pink

Works great for family dinners and meeting  friends.  It would look good with my summer dresses too.  Just the right pop of color to brighten up the day!

Discover Color Sensational Plum

Perfect for weddings and formal events too.  A black cat lined eye with plum lipstick looks so cool at night, even with a T-shirt and jeans and favorite pair of black heels.

Discover Color Sensational Made For All by Maybelline is a phenomenal line and a secret beauty weapon. Satin and Matte lipsticks in nude, pink, red and plum universal shades that complement most skin tones.  Bonus! It’s available on Amazon to be delivered straight to your door.


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