Latina CEO launches revolutionary app: findSisterhood

Founder Ana Pompa Alarcón Rawls is a Latina immigrant who is providing an answer to a question we have all long been seeking an answer to: where do we findSisterhood?

The findSisterhood app is designed to provide a safe space online that women can talk and share about relevant issues anonymously. This social network platform flattens the socio-economic boundaries and connect beings on the most sensitive and pressing issues.

As a mother of two living in the United States, Rawls found herself struggling with postpartum depression and far from her family support system. Through her experience, she found herself seeking connection, and soon she stepped into her Latina CEO status, bringing together sisters everywhere.

findSisterhood mission

findSisterhood app’s mission is something we at ClassyLatina can really get behind; they seek to:

“Build a kind and inclusive sisterhood that connects people across socioeconomics, use business to educate and bring resources to everyone. Take social responsibility for the wellbeing of the community and always try to do better.”

Functioning as a social network, findSisterhood provides users access with the option for anonymous profiles. This opens up a new layer of safety for our sisters who may be in the midst of domestic situations or wanting to talk openly about more private subjects that they would like to keep their name out of. (Thank you sister!)

Rawls launched the concept of this app a couple of years ago, and in 2019 decided to close down temporarily to make app improvements, and planned to relaunch in early 2020. Then COVID hit, and after months of planning relaunched after pivoting amidst the COVID-19 landscape. According to an article Rawls posted on HipLatina, findSisterhood is the only app that will allow users to filter out COVID-19 related news so they can protect their mental health.

Ana Pompa Alarcón Rawls sited the importance of connection during this time, and while they had to cancel their official launch parties, and ultimately had a few funding sources pull out, they pulled through at a time we need them most.

You can find more about the app and how to download it on their website Oh! And did we mention: it’s FREE!

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