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Joanna Vargas is the Official Expert on glowy skin

Joanna Vargas is the Official Expert on glowy skin

Joanna Vargas is a hot name in the Latinx beauty community.  She’s been in every major fashion magazine, treated celebrities at top events like the Oscars and the Met, and her list of accomplishments just keep growing.

It-aesthetician Joanna Vargas’ mission is simple: To make it known that everyone is capable of having beautiful, glowing skin. Her products, her salons and her results have placed her in the top of the skin regime game.

It is through this message that she’s become one of the most in-demand facialists and skin care gurus for celebrities and beyond.  Treating the actors before the Oscars, she will typically do a one hour facial treatment then send them to the LED bed for 30 minutes.  The largest stress she has is if an actor is nominated because they want to win.  This puts much more pressure on Joanna to perfect their skin.

Treating clients for the Met Gala, she customized many of her products into their personalized plans. She has a large sofa in that salon which overlooks the New a York Public Library and Bryant Park.  She’s able to focus well with such beautiful views.

Joanna Vargas has been in such high demand opening constantly-booked signature salons in Los Angeles and New York City and coming out with her own range of glowy skin essentials (like the one below) made with cutting edge innovation and natural formulations.

Joanna Vargas The Essentials

She’s also balancing her kids, husband and home life.  She has homes in both cities and has become so accustomed to travel that she never needs to check a bag.  When she’s in LA, she and her husband enjoy attending lots of parties and events.  In NYC, Joanna Vargas is much more focused on work and designing new cutting edge products.  She laughingly shared one of her daughters loves fashion so much that they have to choose outfits the night before to keep her on schedule.

While she specializes in Latinx skincare, she also treats all types of skin.  Joanna Vargas set a high bar in the skincare industry and also boasts many international clients. Be sure to stay up to date with Joanna and her vision by following @jvskincare on Instagram.


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