Home News & Entertainment Faces of Frida: 800 Legendary Works of Frida Kahlo Virtual Exhibition by Google

Faces of Frida: 800 Legendary Works of Frida Kahlo Virtual Exhibition by Google

Faces of Frida: 800 Legendary Works of Frida Kahlo Virtual Exhibition by Google

Over 36 different institutions came together on Google Arts and Culture to launch the world’s largest Frida Kahlo virtual exhibition: Faces of Frida.

The largest Frida Kahlo exhibit is free and available to all! This highly-end curated collection includes paintings and artifacts from all over the world. Faces of Frida features works by, and of, the famous Latina artist that took the world by storm throughout the early 20th century.

Frida Kahlo’s work is famously a peek into her personal life. Frida is notably quoted:

“They thought I was a Surrealist, but I wasn’t. I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality.”

And often that reality includes themes of the physical human experience, reflections on identity, and scenes from her everyday life. Curated thematic topics in the Frida Kahlo virtual exhibition include Pain, Death, Identity, Memories, Accident, Memories, Politics, and much more.

The Frida Kahlo Virtual Exhibition does something for the art connoisseurs that nothing else does: brings together literally everything to be viewed side by side.

Experience the Frida Kahlo Virtual Exhibit

The museum experience is relatively familiar to most of us: quiet, pensive, and curated to tell a particular facet of a story. This can be a limited perspective and frequently reflects a one-sided vantage point of history. The freedom of the virtual exhibit allows for a freer experience. Faces of Frida invites users to experience the Frida Kahlo virtual exhibition from all possible sides.

As the world’s largest Frida Kahlo exhibit , The archive boasts sketches, paintings, personal letters, possessions, clothing, art historians’ editorial features, and photographs. Viewers are encouraged to view Faces of Frida up close through a zoom in feature where you can see the brush strokes of the art, an experience you aren’t necessarily getting inside a museum. You can event visit The Blue Home through the Frida Kahlo virtual exhibition through a Google tour through the space as well.

The location independence of this collection means we can look at works in Mexican museums alongside those in Detroit, and beyond, potentially drawing new parallels and a deeper understanding of her work. Not to mention that it is a FREE exhibit, and FREE access to the art historian’s critiques. The Frida Kahlo virtual exhibition is leveling the playing field to bring art and culture to anyone who can access the internet, and we are loving it.


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