Home Beauty & Style Ada Rojas of Botánika Beauty is a bright star in the LatinX Beauty Community

Ada Rojas of Botánika Beauty is a bright star in the LatinX Beauty Community

Ada Rojas of Botánika Beauty is a bright star in the LatinX Beauty Community

For the last 10 years, Ada Rojas, proud Afro-Latina combined her background in marketing and public relations with her passion for beauty — inner and outer — and deeply explored the beauty products industry.

As she tried different lines and tested different brands, she was not happy with the results.  They just were not working for her naturally lush Latina curls.  When she spoke with friends and family, she learned they all have the same nuances.

She feels the beauty market has not represented her heritage very well.  The densely populated Latina market purchases 18% of the American beauty market.  Their voices are unheard in the mainstream market.

She needed to fix this and so she did.  She became a cheerleader for her community and went to work building a custom Latinx brand.

In 2019, Ada Rojas launched her own line called Botánika Beauty.  This brand focuses on natural herbs which work best for thick Latina hair.  For example, sage is added to stimulate hair growth and bay leaf is combined to smooth hair and add shine.

Ada Rojas Botánika Beauty

botanika beauty

Ada Rojas is also proactive in helping support other Latina beauty start-ups.  She wants the industry as a whole to diversify and increase representation.  This super savvy woman decided to take charge yet again.

She launched a you tube channel Ada and Friends.  She interviews them and supports their businesses.  Ada Rojas is really a true gem to the Mexican American community.  She is selflessly very proactive in supporting her heritage and community along with providing a fly hair care collection.

Her curl definer and enhancing mousse are top sellers.  You can purchase a kit of the entire collection to try everything and see which you like best.  The products feel so light and airy yet they naturally feed your hair.  The result is low-key, healthy, effortless-looking hair.  It’s the only way to go.

We can’t wait to see what this bright star brings to the LatinX Beauty Community next.


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