Watch The Trailer For ABC’s Upcoming Latinx Drama Promised Land

Latinx drama Promised Land
ABC | YouTube

Latinx drama Promised Land tells the story of the Sandoval family striving for wealth and power

In two weeks, ABC will premiere the new Latinx drama Promised Land. The new series features a predominantly Latinx cast and is set to debut on January 24. ABC’s Promise Land will give drama fans, drama queens, and drama kings another reason to postpone their plans.

The multi-generational Latinx drama Promised Land follows the Sandoval family as they strive for money and power in California’s Sonoma Valley. Storylines on immigration journeys and experiences will also be included in the series.

Cast members include John Ortiz, Cecilia Suárez, Augusto Aguilera, Christina Ochoa, Mariel Molino, Tonatiuh, Andres Velez, Katya Martin, Rolando Chusan, and Bellamy Young. ABC’s Promised Land is directed by Michael Cuesta and written by Matt Lopez.

Latinx drama Promised Land plans to avoid stereotyping the Latinx community. With that said, the series will satisfy guilty pleasures while also examining problems that the Latinx community recognizes.

Check out ABC’s Promised Land trailer below.


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