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Sunset Blush Make-Up Tutorial Goes Viral

Sunset Blush Make-Up Tutorial Goes Viral

Take notes on the Sunset Blush make-up tutorial below!

We’ve got you covered on the popular Sunset Blush make-up tutorial that’s been going viral on social media. By only using liquid highlighter and two shades of blush, you can achieve the hot and trendy look of the summer!

The gorgeous hues of a sunset serve as the inspiration found within our Sunset Blush make-up tutorial. This look may be achieved with a small amount of liquid highlighter and two or more tones of blush. It’s a fantastic method to look more stunning, as well as accentuate your makeup!

It’s super simple — by combining blush tones that are pink, orange, or red along with a liquid highlighter, you could achieve the same results as  the colors of the sunset. It’s very important to note that using blushes that contain the same kind of formula would work best and make this process go a whole lot easier.

Sunset Blush Make-Up Tutorial

To start, apply a pink blush along the cheekbones. Then use an orange blush under the pink blush and apply the liquid highlighter on top of the two blushes. Make sure to sweep around the temple to make the colors pop out even more!

Blending the three different pigments together is no easy task as one can simply make a mistake and get the colors all mixed together. You do not want to merge all the colors into one single shade here as that will not create the gradient effect of the “sunset”. With patience and a little bit of practice, anyone can create this blush.

Unlike other makeup trends, the hues of this Sunset Blush make-Up tutorial captures the essence of both warm and energetic colors and is the perfect choice for any occasion as it enhances our facial features. You glow girl!


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