Latest LatinX Emojis, the Tamale and Piñata, to drop later in 2020 and they are awesome!

Newest LatinX Emojis: The Tamale Emoji and the Piñata Emoji

Emoji’s are a global language, and this year, the new LatinX emojis culture is getting two new emojis that we can all get behind: the tamale and piñata emojis.

In the second half of 2020, an update will be coming through adding 117 new emojis. Emojipedia dropped the news on their blog and Twitter showcasing a snap shot of all the new updates we can expect.

Latinx Emoji Tamale

Latinx Pinata Emoji

Along with the tamale emoji and the piñata emoji, we will be seeing more gender inclusive emojis including a transgender symbol, flag, and gender neutral MX Claus just in time for all of your holiday texts.

The question still stands though: what kind of tamale is the new LatinX emoji? Honestly, though, does it matter? Who doesn’t love a good tamale?

What LatinX emojis do you want to see next? Let us know in the comments below!

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