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Dulces De La Rosa Sets Mazapán Guinness World Record

Dulces De La Rosa Sets Mazapán Guinness World Record
Dulces de la Rosa

Can you believe there’s a mazapán Guinness World Record?

If you haven’t already heard, a mazapán Guinness World Record was set back in 2018 when Dulces de la Rosa celebrated their 75th anniversary by creating the world’s largest peanut mazapán. Over 70 confectioners in Guadalajara were assembled to create a peanut mazapán that weighed over eight tons!

Mazapán’s rich history and sweetness go hand in hand. According to some sources, its origins are in Lübeck, Germany. Legend says that bakers were ordered by the local administration to produce a bread alternative. All they had were eggs, sugar, and almonds. The German city even has a Lubecker Marzipan Association to preserve the integrity of their marzipan. Their recipe states that the raw almond paste must have a minimum sugar to sugar ratio of 30%.

The Mexican recipe for mazapán varies a bit. Mexican confectioners such as Dulces de la Rosa prepare their mazapán using powdered sugar and pulverized peanuts, a recipe brought by the Spanish colonists. Cashews are used to make the candy in other nations, such as Venezuela. In the Philippines, they use the pili nut to make their version.

Mazapán Guinness World Record
Guinness World Record

Even though we’re late to the party, we couldn’t believe it when we heard about the record. The mazapán Guinness World Record took 11 days of planning and over three hours to make using over 8,838 pounds of toasted ground peanuts, 9,574 pounds of sugar, 400 ml of flavorings, and water. The final product stood almost four feet tall and 10 feet in diameter.

Weighing exactly at 18,289.77 pounds (8,296.1 kg), the largest peanut mazapán candy was a sight to behold. The company prepared the mazapán Guinness World Record at the Plaza Fundadores park in downtown Guadalajara and gave away its monstrous candy in chunks of 100 grams.


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