Home Tech Latino Founder Hour Podcast Broadcasts over 100 Episodes

Latino Founder Hour Podcast Broadcasts over 100 Episodes

Latino Founder Hour Podcast Broadcasts over 100 Episodes
Latino Founder Hour Podcast

Latino Founder Hour is a podcast hosted by Edgar Navas and co-host Sylvia Salazar have recorded over 100 Episodes with Latino Founders from all over the world.

Each episode focuses on a Latino Founder and diving into their insights, successes and failures. Being an entrepreneur demands a lot of courage, vulnerability, and commitment; being a Latino founder adds a whole new layer to the experience.

Resources available on successful Latino entrepreneurs have been limited, and the launch of this podcast as well as the list of 100 Latina Founders, have been a breath of fresh air. It’s important for our community to see the great work that we are doing to innovate and disrupt global industry.

The podcast is presented primarily in Spanish, with occasionally English episodes as well.

Both co-hosts Edgar Navas and Sylvia Salazar are founders themselves. Edgar Navas is founder of Cliqa which is an app that works to streamline reloading your Mexican phone and making calls from the United States. Sylvia Salazar is founder of TonoLatino which is a media and news outlet working to inform Latinos about politics and helping create change.

These two are making a huge impact in the Start Up community by bringing visibility to new Latino Founders, as well as promote successful Latino entrepreneurs as role models for us and the next generation.

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