Latinas In Tech Is A Promising Tech Ecosystem For The Latina Community

Latinas In Tech
Screenshot: Latinas In Tech

Latinas In Tech Empowers The Latina Community

Founded in 2014, Latinas in Tech (LIT) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage Latinas to be innovators and leaders in the tech industry at all levels. Their goal is to empower Latinas with the information, opportunities, and community they need to succeed, create, and lead in the field of technology.

The organization started in Silicon Valley and has since extended to Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, as well as a number of places all around the world including Canada, London, Madrid, Mexico City, and São Paulo. From engineers, cybersecurity specialists, and data scientists to business development executives, public relations professionals, and entrepreneurs, the organization covers the full tech ecosystem.

Professional development, recruiting, and mentorship. These are the three key pillars that Latinas in Tech are focused on to empower and connect Latina techies. Leaded by Co-Founder and Executive Director Rocío van Nierop and Head of Product Yara Luis-Stroll, LIT collaborates with leading technology firms to establish safe environments for learning, mentoring, and recruitment. Although they acknowledge the current diversity and inclusion issue, the focus of LIT is to pursue the opportunities that enable those in the technology ecosystem to have a seat at the decision-making table.

In 2021, LIT has now grown to over 16,000 members spanning across 20 chapters cities. Numerous events are held each month as well as an annual conference called the Latinas in Tech Summit. Those interested in becoming a member or partnering with Latinas in Tech can register here.


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