Eva Longoria Motivates Latinx Artists To Follow Their Dreams

Eva Longoria motivates Latinx artists through Instagram

In a social media post on Thursday, Eva Longoria motivates Latinx artists to pursue their dreams. The Texas-native actress and producer utilized her Instagram to encourage and advise other Latinx artists to succeed in the industry.

Reflecting on a previous photo of herself, Eva Longoria motivates Latinx artists by revealing her personal experiences and work ethics to get to where she is now. Her message to the Latinx community, as well as her fans and followers, sparked a positive reaction.

“From doing more than what was expected of me (acting), pushing back, being told no, being excluded from conversations because it wasn’t where I ‘belonged,'” said Longoria in her caption. “It hasn’t been an overnight success as y’all know. But here I am, despite all of that, doing what I love to do and you can too!! Whatever that is. Because if this Texicana from Corpus Christi can, you can too.”


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While Eva Longoria motivates Latinx artists through Instagram, she has also been a longtime activist with a deep interest in immigration. The Texicana accompanied a border patrol in Arizona and immersed herself in the topics to have a better understanding of both perspectives of the Mexican and American people. In 2014, Longoria initiated the Latino Victory Project to fund candidates and voter turnout efforts. She has also attended the World Citizen Discussion board’s 2021 Gala within the United Arab Emirates.

Set to release later this year, Longoria’s directorial feature debut Flamin’ Hot is about the Latino creator behind the Flaming Hot Cheetos flavor. La Guerra Civil, a documentary directed by Longoria that covers Oscar De La Hoya’s 1996 fight against Mexican all-time great Julio César Chávez, was just selected as one of the opening night premieres at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival.

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