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100 Latina Founders Changing the Technology Landscape

100 Latina Founders Changing the Technology Landscape
Cecilia Corral / Medium

In 2018, Cecilia Corral published a list of 35 Latina Founders in Technology who raised over $1 million in funding. As of 2020, her list has grown to over 100 Latina Founders.

Cecilia Corral is a successful Co-founder and Vice President of Care Message, a technology driven organization, funded by Google and Ycombinator, that “empowers health centers to reach under-served patients at scale and improve health outcomes”. After 5 years of working in this role, she was on a search for Latina role models to look up to, and no comprehensive list existed.

“When I bring up questions about where Latinas are in “Top Female Founders” lists or conferences, I usually get the same answer about a fundraising bar that Latinas haven’t met. I was reminded of this when reading a recent Vanity Fair article listing “Women of Color” who have raised more than $1 million in funding, only it lacked the Latinas I knew. Similarly, even groups that acknowledge intersectionality lack a proportional Latina representation.”

In true Latina founder fashion, Cecilia Corral took matters into her own hands and put together a list of 35 Latina Tech Founders who have raised over $1 million in funding. Shortly there after, the list grew to 50, and now stands at 100 Latinas strong. Her next milestone will be 500.

The Latina Founders list encompasses Latinas stateside and abroad. Cecilia Corral cites using publicly available information, as well as pulling from the community.

Aside from just gathering the list together, Cecilia shares some wisdom from connecting with so many ingenious Latina Founders in her latest article list:

  • The only recipe to success: love the problem you are solving.
  • Funding is not the only measure of success.
  • Success is not limited to Silicon Valley.
  • Incubators and accelerators are not a predictor for how successful you will be.
  • Define your own success.

Thank you Cecilia for inspiring us all!! Connecting with the Latina Tech community has proved valuable all around, and we are super excited to see Cecilia’s list hit it’s next milestone.Know any Latina Tech Founders? Submit their information on the Google Form


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